One of my problems, is that I tend to get so wrapped up in my work that I forget to snack. It's not a huge problem except that when lunch or dinner rolls around, I'm starving. It's often been said that eating less more often is better for so many reasons: energy levels, moods, weight management, and more, so here are a few snacks I love that fill me up until dinner is ready. Nuts. Seriously. You'd be surprised how just a small handful of nuts can actually make you feel satisfied. It's probably got a lot to do with how delicious nuts are and if you get them in bulk, raw form and toast them up yourself with a little seasoning, they can even outshine dinner. Throw them in with some fruits and you'll find yourself more full than you'd ever believe just reading this. Here is a delicious recipe for trail mix, which is a great way to get the fruit and nuts together: click here Pickles. I love anything that whiffs in the slightest of vinegar, which means those foods that have been soaking in vinegar are close to heaven for me. I love just about anything pickled, but my favorites are garlic, beans, and of course, your run of the mill pickling cukes. Vinegar is thought to have appetite suppressing qualities to it, according to a few holistic approaches to eating, and in my experience, eating just one pickle can hold me over for a couple of hours while I finish up work. Of course, one usually leads to two, and two to three... Popcorn. Instead of popping this fluffy delight and then drizzling fatty butter all over it, try popping it in a non-stick covered pot with extra virgin olive oil. Although I love the rich taste of butter, I actually think the flavor of a good extra virgin olive oil on popcorn blows butter out of the water. Pop a huge batch and bag it for snacks. Add a little salt and you'll be the envy of all your co-workers. Beef Jerky. Yes, you heard right, beef jerky is a low-fat, high protein snack that can fill you with energy on a sluggish morning. Try the natural beef jerky products. Where I live there are a lot of local companies that make great beef jerky. if there are some in your area, definitely go local. Double-check your sodium levels in the ingredients as some beef jerky is high in sodium. Even more healthy alternatives to beef are turkey jerky and smoked salmon, although these tend to be a lot more expensive. Edamame. This is one of my favorite snacks ever and I tend to have a problem stopping once I start on these things. The wonderful thing about edamame, or soy beans still in the pod, is the process of eating them. Boil them until they float, sprinkle them with kosher salt and then suck the beans right out of the pod. It's a beautiful thing and some people say soy beans are one of nature's most nutritionally beneficial foods, full of filling protein, so chow away. It's also extremely inexpensive. Milk. This isn't really a snack per se, but it works. And if you love milk, it's just as satisfying as snacking. A big glass of milk is not only a good source of calcium and some vitamins, it's filling, and it's said to speed weight loss. How? With calcium. Some studies suggest higher calcium levels prevent fat storage and speed up metabolism. Whether this is true or not, no one can really argue that a tall glass of silky milk leaves the belly full and happy.

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Stephanie said...

I've only recently tried edamame, and for some reason haven't tried them on their own... I'll have to give it a shot tomorrow!

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