Pie and Brewskis: Part 2

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Now you're all aware of the deep feelings I harbour for pizza and beer. I absolutely loathe take out pizza, so I make the homemade kind on a pretty regular basis. Though, there is one exception to the non-restaurant pizza rule, and that exception is Pulcinella in Calgary.

Pulcinella serves authentic Napoletana pizza prepared in a centrally located open kitchen (it's great to watch them make it!), and cooked in a proper wood burning pizza oven. The menu is quite large, and the ingredients fresh. The decor is clean, with rustic wooden floors, white furniture, and stunning back lit black and white photos lining the walls.

My personal favourite is the Margherita pizza, a simple pie with tomato sauce, olive oil, basil, parmigiano, and mozzarella. It's simple, but the tomato sauce is so tangy and flavourful that it allows the remainder of ingredients to come together and balance one another out.

Another great option is the Speck E Rucola. The delicious, chewy and crispy crust is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, smoked prosciutto, cherry tomatoes, arugula, parmigiano, and basil. The tomatoes and arugula are put on after the pizza is cooked, so they add a freshness to the savoury (and salty!) prosciutto and basil.

For a salad, I tend to opt for the Caprese - mozza, cherry tomatoes, oregano, basil, and olive oil - or the Arrugula. The Arrugula comes with fresh arugula, topped in cantaloupe slices, pancetta, olive oil, and a dash of coarse salt. The combination of ingredients really does create an incredible sensation in your mouth, notably from the salt, and saltiness of the pancetta, and the sweet juiciness of the cantaloupe.

Though going to Pulcinella isn't your typical pizza and beer experience, you'll still fall in love with the authentic, quality pizza and tasty Italian beer (try Peroni Nastro Azzurro). So if you're ever in Calgary, don't miss out - it'll raise your standard for pizza.

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Courtney said...

thank you for posting this, it contains just about everything i love most in one post.

i always make pizza at home too. actually, i'll post about my pizza later in the week.

CAPRESE SALAD. omg. once i went to a restaurant in playa del carmen, mexico, where i used to live, and ordered the caprese salad. usually in PDC they do this well as the largest population there is italian. anyway. they brought me out a plate with slices of unripe tomatoes, practically white, and cheese slices covered in kraft italian dressing. WHAT?? needless to say, i sent it back.

Stephanie said...

That's fantastic! I love the way that one culture will interpret another culture's cuisine. Sometimes it's incredible, other times, not so much. I have to say that Koh Phangan in Thailand has my second most favourite authentic Italian pizza joint (it's run by Italians though). It also has a ridiculous amount of "Mexican" food that does not resemble it in the least.

Courtney said...

haha, yeah we went to a mexican joint in phuket which was odd. yummy, but not really mexican. i stuck with the thai food. luckily, i love it. do like bourdain does, follow the locals. odd that i had thai red curry for dinner tonight!

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