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In what was probably both the best and worst assignment of a journalist's career, the Times UK looked at in-flight meal service this weekend, and aside from tasting a slew of flash-frozen meals, they actually came out of it stomachache-free and with a winner.

First, however, they discuss approaches to the cuisine for major airlines like Singapore, who still believe flying to a special occasion and thus the "economy dining experience is specifically constructed to suggest dinner in a posh restaurant," and Virgin Atlantic, who go the opposite route with comfort food, or "the sort of wholesome naughtiness you might eat curled up on the sofa with a good film."

Since we've only ever been happily sated on a Cathay Pacific long-haul, we board every flight expecting the worst so that hopefully, we can be surprised at an offering as small as a sad fruit plate. It won't be near that bad if you fly the following airlines, Times UK's tops for in-flight food:

7. Emirates: "Served in strange, curvy dishes that could be used to build a replica of the Sydney Opera House, the Emirates economy meal — fillet steak with whipped parmesan and cream polenta, and roasted vegetables — comes on like a restaurant entrée."
6. Singapore Airlines: "The delicious slow-cooked beef blade in rosemary sauce — the work of LSG’s Thomas Harker — goes under the knife as willingly as a double-chinned Texan widow."
5.Cathay Pacific: "Cathay’s sticky Chinese rice — made by the German technicians who build BA’s lasagne — is superb."
4. Charter carrier Thomsonfly: "The chicken pomodoro is a slapdash tricolore, but it’s much better than it looks."
3. Gordon Ramsey's to-go meal sets: " It’s £11.95, but for as long as it lasts, it’s like being in business class."
2. Virgin Atlantic: "It’s [chicken is] suitably summery, and the Gü, an egg-cup-sized chocolate overdose, is awesomely moresome."
1. British Airways: "Layers of velvety pasta in a creamy, tangy sauce is very good, in a ready-meal way. The sod-the-diet portion of chocolate mousse cake with mandarin sauce is even better."

Times UK Names The Top Airline Meals In The Sky || Jaunted
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