Five Splurge-Worthy Items

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For anyone who loves to cook, his or her kitchen is nothing short of a haven. In this haven, there are certain things one cannot do without; for me, those things are a good set of knives (though my poor fingers do not agree), and a blender. What are your special, can't live without items? How much money are you willing to spend on a good cooking product? Here are five items I think are definitely worth the splurge...

1) A Really Good Stand Mixer: Gone are the days of mixing by hand, or even using an electrical hand mixer. Though stand mixers are not as expensive as they used to be, they're certainly not cheap. But in the long run, they're worth the money, as you can use them for so many things (bread! pizza dough!), and you can buy attachments that will save you from having to buy other appliances in the future (pasta maker, meat grinder). A favourite: KitchenAid Stand Mixers, available in an array of models, anywhere small appliances are sold. What you'll be spending: between $300-$800CAD.

2) Knives: After you use a high quality knife, you'll never feel the same about cutting food again. Most sets come with a variety of knives, including steak knives, so you won't need to purchase others, unless you need a specialty item. Do your research before buying a set, as they can set you back at least $70 and up (way up!). Check out The House of Knives for detailed information on knives.

3) An AeroGarden: It's tough to get really fresh produce, as we all know the majority of supermarket items were in a truck for several days before they landed at the store. And, planting your own garden isn't always practical. An AeroGarden lets you have a garden inside of your home that grows produce (mostly veggies and herbs) significantly faster than if you were to plant them outside. Plus, you have peace of mind knowing that there are no pesticides or anything hazardous getting into your food. There are several different models, and the price ranges from around $100-$300CAD. Check out their website for more info.

4) A Food Processor: This is yet another item that is becoming a staple in homes. It's similar to a blender, but it does a better job at chopping and mixing than it's blending counterpart. It does not require liquid to chop, so it's perfect for grinding nuts, chopping veggies, and making dough (especially pastry). Plus, many recipes now come only with instructions that require a food processor, so it's certainly a handy item to have! They typically sell for a price between $100-$500, so choose wisely. If you're not going to use it too often, your best bet is to get a mid-range one, as you still want good performance. Check out ShopBot for price/model comparisons.

5) Jamie Oliver's Flavour Shaker: Sure, you can buy ready-made spice combinations, or use a mortar and pestle to make your own, but the flavour shaker is so delightfully easy, non-messy, and, well, fun. And the possibilities are endless - you can make dressings, rubs, marinades - pretty much anything you can think of. Check out the Shaker's website for recipes, tips, and tricks. It's pricey for a spice jar, but with all that it offers, it's a good deal at $30-$35CAD.
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Courtney said...

My brother bought me Jamie Oliver's flavor shaker and aside from it being one of my son's favorite toys, I totally dig it. My only disappointment is that it is not very good at breaking up peppercorns, but I suppose that's what our pepper grinder is for!

Stephanie said...

Perhaps you could just add the already ground peppercorns to the shaker? And, with it being one of your son's favourite toys, it has yet another purpose...

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