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It's Friday! What does that mean to you? I'm going to take a wild guess and say that a nice cold beer is probably part of the equation: whether you're chilling on a patio with your closest friends, having a barbecue with your family, or just winding down after a tough week of work, a brew or two is likely to be consumed.

But, have you ever considered eating beer? Not in the same way you'd use a fork and knife to make your way through a Guinness, but actually using beer in your food?

Beer-based recipes are becoming more and more popular, with many breweries cooking up their own products like sauces, marinades, and even ice cream. So are you willing to give beer-based food a try, or would you rather stick to a traditional cold one?

Check out The Beer Store for a huge assortment of recipes using beer. You’ll be surprised at what you find: brownies, soup, burgers, marinades, and more. Here’s a quick and easy recipe for Smokin Beer Butter Shrimp.

Want to try some pre-made beer goodies? Pop in at a local brewery or order this tasty Beer Infused BBQ Sauce from The Grizzly Paw.

Pint of beer by peanuts

Not a fan of eating your beer? Keep in mind that beer-food pairings are almost as important as wine-food pairings; there is practically an art to it. A few things to remember when selecting a beer:

Pale Ales, such as India Pale Ale, tend to be hoppy and bitter and go great with spicy foods.
Dry, Dark beers go good with heartier foods – stews and rich meat dishes.
Medium bodied beers, like Ambers and Reds, are very versatile and go well with nearly anything.
Lighter beers, such as Pilsners, are ideally paired with lighter foods – chicken dishes, salads, and fish.

Want more info? Download this guide from the Brewers Association.

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Courtney said...

Awesome post, and yes, there will be beer consumed here tonight. Since I've had my son, I haven't been drinking as much beer as I used to, but I there still are not many things outside of my family that I love more.

Beer can chick on a BBQ is probably my favorite beer recipe. Beer goes in the chili, too. When I have nothing else to deglaze a pan with, I usually opt for beer over water. Beer should be everywhere.

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