My Chicken stuffed with Cheese and Bacon

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So, it's not french or Italian and I don't know if it's anything other than what the title says. All I know is there's two in the fridge left over and I'm looking forward to lunch today!

Last night I made this chicken dish just out of the blue and it turned out pretty good. Here's what I did. First cooked up some bacon, mmm bacon. I cut them in half before cooking so the strips would be about 2-3 inches long. Then I took a pack boneless skinless chicken breasts and butterflied them. Once the bacon was just nice and crisp I filled each chicken breast with 4 pieces (2 whole strips) of bacon and a generous slice, folded in half, of swiss cheese. Once stuffed, I used some skewers to keep the bacon and cheese inside the breasts from falling out. I lightly sprinkled the top of each chicken breast with some paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and fresh ground black pepper. Remember when I cooked the bacon? Well I didn't toss the grease because I planned on browning the chicken breast in the wonderful bacon fat. So in went the 4 stuffed chicken breast into the pan with the bacon grease. Sizzle, sizzle, I love that smell. After about a couple minutes I gave them a flip to brown the other side. Once they were nice and browned I moved them to an oven pan, poured the remaining bacon fat over top on the chicken, and fired them in the oven. I gave them about 15 minutes a side, but next time I will try about 10-12 minutes as they came out just a bit dry.

The result: First of all, this meal is no-loose. Take 3 ingredients like chicken, bacon, and cheese and what's the worst than will happen? Maybe a stove top grease fire? Perhaps the swiss cheese decides to not be so "neutral" and kicks the bacon out of the cozy confounds of the tender chicken breast? Not likely, we all know swiss cheese gets along with everyone, except maybe Polish sausage. So it was great! The cheese worked well with the bacon, and the chicken was perhaps just a little dry as I mentioned and could have taken a few minutes less in the oven. A side caesar salad rounded out the meal and I was left with nothing but warm feelings in my tummy.

And now for the leftovers...

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